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Portal 2

Portal 2


4.8 out of 5 stars
  • 5 Stars89%
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4.86 / 5 based on 397 Reviews

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Portal 2
Portal 2
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  • "It's intriguing, futuristic, and full of puzzles to work your brain without it being another cheesy, typical puzzle game." in 21 reviews
  • "Expanding on the story and the characters, Portal two made you care more about the story line while bringing longer, more complicated puzzles with stunning graphics along the way, helping to draw all players in till they truly believed the cake was a lie." in 20 reviews
  • "I loved the first Portal game, but Portal 2 is a blast, the gameplay is so much fun and you can tell that the creators put so much time into making this game fantastic!" in 20 reviews
  • "The co-op mode is also rich, fun, and does not feel like a tacked on addition to a single player game like many co-op modes." in 14 reviews
  • "I prefer puzzle games to fast action paced games like CoD or LoL anyways but this is the most inventive game I've ever played." in 10 reviews
Becky R.
Ogden, UT
310 reviews
Favorite! Portal 2 is a first person puzzle-platform game. This genre was super popular in the late 80s and throughout the 90s, and Portal 2 gives that genre an excellent refresh and update for modern gamers. It’s got a good bit of dark humor throughout it and the story writing is incredible. I would love to see another Portal game, but I’m not sure how a sequel would work out. This game is easy enough to play that it can be enjoyable for those who do not game heavily, but interesting and funny enough to appeal to gaming enthusiasts.
Bear S.
West Columbia, SC
4 reviews
Let me start you off. THIS GAME IS AMAZING. Humor? got it. Challenges? Got it. Mystery? Got it. I can't say enough to get the fact into you head that this game is amazing. I've played the game again at least five times and I still love it. The price is incredible for what it is, and probably should be WAY higher. This game got me into video games. I can't say enough. Buy the game. Never look back. Nowadays it's hard to find a game so good. PLEASE BUY THE GAME. It's worth it.   
Sarah S.
Hampstead, NC
67 reviews
Gamer Expert Level 1
This is one of the first games I played when I got my PS3 and got back into videogames. Portal 2 is humorous and challenging in all the right ways. I had tons of fun playing this and was thoroughly entertained throughout. You can also play this without having played the first one and not feel lost. It's endearing and satisfying with a pretty good replay value if you're the type to want to go back and try to do things more efficiently.  Highly recommended!
Alissa R.
Dallas, TX
89 reviews
Gamer Expert Level 1
This game is so wonderful! If you like intellectual puzzle type games with wonderful witty humor along the way then you will love this game. The original was wonderful and the sequel did not disappoint. It’s just the right amount of challenging and makes you think creatively! I love it so much!
Patricia P.
Leeuwarden, Netherlands
1 review
Sequels are always tricky. In most cases, people build up such expectations in their heads that whatever a sequel might throw at them later, it will never be enough. With Portal two, the pressure for an awesome sequel was there alright... and it was off the chart.
Because lets recap a bit. The first Portal, Portal one if you want, was an amazing game. Literately given away at first by Valve because they had space to spare on their orange box, it quickly grew into one of the best and most hyped games of its time. Companion cube, The cake was a lie, GLaDOS... everyone loved the game play, the black humor, and most of all, everyone loved the characters.

So when Portal two came, we, I, was extremely nervous to see what they'd made of it. Would it match the awesome expectation we made in our head? Of would it be a disaster that would ruin the franchise?

Luckly for THE WORLD, it was the first one.
Portal two is an AMAZING game. There is no question about it. The humor is back, and better then ever. We have more, better characters that we immediately fell in love with, and the story is superb.

I think the most important thing they did was they didn't try to repeat the first game. Sure, the gameplay is almost identical and the same characters are there, but they are.. different. The overused jokes from Portal one? Sure, maybe the cake is mentioned once or twice and the Companion cube has a cameo, but that's it. They didn't try to re-use all the old jokes, because frankly, they weren't funny anymore. You can only shout "THE CAKE IS A LIE" so many times before it gets old.
No, instead they made new jokes, new characters, new personalities. It feels fresh, even though you know you kinda played the game before. I feel that that is the strongest point of this game.

There is a downside however. In Portal one, everything was focused on the puzzles. The possibilities to solve them.. well, they weren't endless, but there were a lot. In portal two, not so much. I feel that maybe they got carried away in the "LOOK HOW AWESOME APERTURE SCIENCE LOOKS NOW" idea. The puzzles are still there, but instead of really trying to fire out how to solve it, you're more likely to search the room for the one single panel you can place your portal on.

Still, that's just a minor flaw in an awesome game. The story sucks you in.. you might not even notice that little flaw I just talked about. And then I didn't even talk about the "steam workplace" yet, in which you can make your own test chambers or test others (No replay value? There are HUNDREDS of test chambers for you too test... SCIENCE!) or the multiplayer mode, in which you have to solve puzzles together. This whole new area is about as big as the whole damn game itself.

All in all, this is a great game. Personally, this is the second best game I own .. and Portal one is in first place. So how about you stop reading this and get testing. For science. You monster~

Elizabeth H.
Clinton , MO
52 reviews
OH My God! I absolutely love this game. The Co-op gameplay is awesome and I just love the storyline to it. It's hillarious and so much fun. I've always been a huge fan of this type of game. Seriously, if you like puzzle, platformer type of games this is totally worth a try.
Nevs V.
151 reviews
This game is a classic that just never gets old. It's a smart game. You probably never played a game quite like this but once you start you'll see just how fun and engaging it is. It's frustrating at times but once you get going you will want to finish it. It'll be a matter of personal pride. Plus! You'll get to meet once of the most iconic characters ever! 
Alyssa L.
15 reviews
Valve has done it once again. From the makers of Half-life and Team Fortress comes Portal 2. More often than not, video game sequels never live up to the excellence of their superior counterpart. However, this game is one of the few that has broken that tradition, and may arguably be BETTER than the first. This game received so much hype, that I was worried that it would be a disappointment. Boy, was I wrong! I bought it for the Xbox 360, and this game was absolutely incredible and well worth the long wait for its release. The campaign is absolutely wonderful, with a dramatically hilarious storyline, phenomenal voice acting, and difficult-yet-engaging (level-based) gameplay. What I love most about this game is the replay value. Most games nowadays are fun, but once you beat them, they just sit on your shelf and collect dust until to trade them in or give them away. Portal 2, however, is different. The levels are difficult enough to where they can be replayed quite often, never being able to remember how it was completed the first time. There are also multiple ways to complete a level, which always makes it exciting. Even better is the availability of a completely new co-op mode, where you and a friend (who play as adorable little robots) embark on a separate storyline to complete quite a large number of levels. In addition, Valve has released a few extra level expansion packs for co-op mode available for purchase. This game is one of my favorites, and I am anxiously awaiting the rumored Portal 3.
Katie B.
Akron, OH
45 reviews
This is my favorite game! Intriguing puzzles, clever story line, and intelligent game play. This game presents portals into new problem solving. Glide through the air and solve each test chamber. One step closer to why we must always test.
Rachel S.
Asheville, NC
10 reviews
I don't think I've ever played a game that has such detail as Portal 2. I've replayed it almost 4 times and every timeI think I find something different, some little detail that I didn't notice before. I personally think this is Valve's best game, though all of them are awesome.

There are a couple of things that I love about Portal 2. One is the absolutely wonderful characters. Your protagonist is a woman of color who, while silent, is sassy and determined. Your boss, also female, is a giant supercomputer/robot. Ther personality cores are delightful and hilarious. Even the turrets who are trying to kill you are downright adorable.

The setting is absolutely beautiful. From the dilapidated test chambers in the beginning, to the tests in old Aperture, to the pristine chambers in the very end and all through the scaffolding behind the scenes...everything is so breathtaking.

There is literally nothing I don't like about Portal 2....except maybe the fact that it ended. I like that this is a game for causal gamers AND hardcore gamers. A con is that the tests can be difficult towards the end. Another con is that I've noticed it can cause motion sickness, though it was way worse with the first Portal for me.

If you have some extra cash and some spare time buy the game! The ending made me cry like a 2 year old.
Lina S.
Naperville, IL
26 reviews
Do you find the multi-player fun? Or is it difficult to figure out?
Lauren W.
Nicholasville, KY
29 reviews
I haven't played this game yet but I've only heard great things about it, is it worth buying or should I just rent it?
Isabella C.
Tucson, AZ
38 reviews
If we ever saw a Portal 3 (doubt it VmV) what would you want in it? :>
jay l.
Meadville, PA
2 reviews
What would you like to see if they made a portal 3? personally i would love to see a prequel...that would be awesome...so...opinions?
Jeni O.
Scranton, PA
19 reviews
....*Is* the cake... a Lie?

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