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Pop Vinyl Sherlock Mycroft...
3 Reviews
5 / 5
I received this as a gift from a friend to go with my Sherlock Holmes pop figure and now I have them both sitting on my shelf.
4 / 5
I love this Mycroft pop it looks so very much like Mycroft.  I bought it from Hot Topic on sale.  If I had any complaint about this pop is that he falls over because of the way that he is designed.  If you are a Sherlock fan, I highly recommend buying this pop
5 / 5
I got this little guy from a sale at Hot Topic (last one left!) and was so happy to bring him home and unbox him. The biggest thing that I was surprised with was the clear plastic base that is attatched to his bottom foot, and can be detatched if you want, to help him stand. I tried standing him without the base and he does so very well. I think just with such a small point of contact, Funko wanted to give you a little insurance, which is great! They certainly have given this character a life of his own with putting him in such a stance. Now to get the other characters!