I Just recently started going to the gym to start working on myself, does anyone have any tips?
Youngstown, OH - il y a un an

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the food also influences the result you want. I'm also starting now on planet, towards six packs!!! 💪🏻
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Just focus on what you either if you want to build muscles or loose weight. If you want to build muscles you should more focus on weights and similarly if you want to loose weight or you know get a slim body than you should focus on cardio.
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Also! If you download the Planet Fitness app, all machines have barcodes that you can scan through the app and watch tutorials on, see what muscle groups are being worked, and how to adjust the machine to your height! I used that all the time as well!
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Start slow and steady! Take some time your first few visits to figure out what workload and weights work best for you. You want to make sure you are challenging yourself without overwhelming the muscles! Overcompensating early in the game does more harm then good. If you’re worried about where to start id say to pull up some YouTube videos! That’s where I started! I definitely wanted to know what certain exercises were called, what they consisted of (especially because of injuries), and what exact muscles they work. There are so many great channels out there that walk you through different pieces of equipment as well! I know that one of my biggest fears when I first started in the gym was not knowing what I was doing on some of the machines (heck I still walk around not knowing how to use some)! Don’t feel intimidated. Ever. Because every single person in that gym has started from the beginning:) Good luck! You’ve got this!
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