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Pizza Box Football Game Ages 16+
Pizza Box

Pizza Box Football Game Ages 16+


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Cuando lo ví sin duda me creo demasiadas expectativas tanto así que quise hacerlo en el mismo momento y así lo hice, lo pedí en cuanto pude y la verdad cumplió todas mis expectativas es sabrosa y juguetona sin duda la recomiendo como solo yo se. Un saludo Atte: kat
Ever see those "Strat-o-Matic" sports games and think that it just wayyyyyy too much information and detail to be fun? Well the makers of Pizza Box Fooball must have thought the same thing. In this game, or is it a play real teams with real numbers but it's not quite a chart heavy. sure there are charts and you flip back and forth and run a game based on plays chosen...and yes that takes some time to learn and get use to. Still once you get the hang of if you can spread the charts out on the table and mostly get through a game pretty quickly.

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