Been trying my hand at freehand embroidery based on things I find on Pinterest. I bought the DMC collectors tin with a coupon at and am having some fun. Please show pictures of what you are working on and what should I attempt next? Btw, French knots are the devil, but they look so good!
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These are adorable and so well made! Way to go. I use embroidery thread to accent certain paintings of mine, art journals, and in my mixed media art. Maybe you could try adding layers? Or maybe add knots and beads?[product:jablonex-czech-seed-beads-8/0-silver-supra-metallic-1-ounce]
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Nice 😊
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Beautiful, lol but if I tried a different craft my husband will kill me. I have 2 rooms filled with crafting materials. One for paint and one for jewelry. I wanted to craft beads and he said enough already. Lol 😆
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Lol I've heard that French knots are hard to get right. I haven't tried yet but, this is something that looks quite fun to me. Great work on free hand! Beautiful.
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Very pretty! 💓
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You’re very talented! Beautiful work!
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