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Pillsbury® Gluten Free Funfetti® Cake & Cupcake Mix with Candy Bits

Pillsbury® Gluten Free Funfetti® Cake & Cupcake Mix with Candy Bits


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Funfetti cake is always a winner. This cake turns out so well. Great texture for gluten free. Fluffy and Moist. I love the cake so much, so when I want a fancy not sprinkle cake I sift them out.
This is SO GOOD and an absolute LIFE SAVER!! When I had to go gluten free (trust me, not by choice) I felt like I was missing out on so many of my favorites. Then I found this! It’s just as good as the real deal right out of the oven. My only suggestion is to store them in an air tight container bc gluten free goods will get stale or dry much more quickly than regular baked goods if not stored properly. If it does get hard, you can pop it in the microwave for 5-10 seconds and it will soften right back up.
This is my favorite go to baking mix when I want to make cupcakes. I’m celiac and have never had a reaction to this mix so I know it is pure and not contaminated. It is light and fluffy and delicious. It’s also very affordable and makes 24 cupcakes! No other product has come near this as far as boxed mixes.
Is this new?? I'm assuming so. Definitely not in Canada?? Those that have tried. Are you buying in at grocery store?? Or Walmart. Please share. Will have to make a trip over to get some :)
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