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Physician's Formula® Organic...
114 Reviews
My mascara wand was all dried out / the wand was tacky and sticky and I was so disappointed/ confused . Not sure if it’s because the product is organic . But would not recommend
This mascara gives me more of a natural look rather than adding volume or length as claimed. It just lightly coats your lashes to give it a darker appearance. If you are looking for a more dramatic look then this is NOT it. It does a good job at separating lashes and doesn’t clump.
Maybe this mascara is not for me or I got a bad one , and I usely don’t give bad reviews . But I did not like this mascara I was expecting way more from it . It didn’t give my lashes any volume at all they looked more like tiny spider legs . Even after applying multiple coats it did nothing for my lashes and the wand itself mmmm not a good one makes me sad cus I really really love physician formula usely most of their products are bomb and usely have nothing bad to say about them . The packaging itself is really super cute I love it just wish the formula or maybe the wand was better . For this reason I would not recommend it to any of my friends that would ask about it .
This give great curl and length. It reminds me of the cover girl mascara exactly. It never clumps, it separates my lashes, and is very buildable. The only problem is when it dries it flakes and I have to wipe black dots off my under eyes all day. It also can make my lash line a little itchy. It washes off really easy though.
I bought this mascara expecting a lot more from it. It made my eye lashes clumpy and hardly added any length, my eyelashes are short and thin and it did nothing for them. The brush is very large and the mascara got all over my eye lid. It is good if you are not looking for full eyelashes and a more natural look.
BEWARE ⚠️ This is one of the worst mascaras I have ever tried! I have super sensitive eyes and I thought this wasn’t gonna give me a reaction cause it’s organic but I was so wrong!!! This mascara gave me a stye I knew it was this that caused it because the first day I put it on a couple hours later my eyes were itching like crazy and I woke up with a huge stye. And it was not expired I had just bought it. If you have sensitive eyes please beware!!
Initially this mascara left my lashes looking beautiful, long and voluminous, but it smudges and transfers like crazy! Also, has fallout once it’s dry and I find myself with black dots under my eyes throughout the day. I wish this would’ve worked better.
Amo está máscara orgánica tiene un color intenso y muy lindo... la uso a diario en mi maquillaje.. espectacular...
Amazing mascara. Originally was nervous never trying a organic natural mascara but now I love it and can’t imagine using the toxic stuff. It is worth a try, why not go natural if you can! I recommend this to everyone!
This mascara is very nice. My lashes looks very full but light. Not sticking and makes lashes longer.