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Philips Sonicare Flexcare+ with UV Sanitizer HX6992

Philips Sonicare Flexcare+ with UV Sanitizer HX6992


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Simply fantastic. I received this for Christmas last year and it has changed my dental routine. Not checkups at the dentist aren't as terrible because I have less tartar built up. The sanitizer that comes with it is so so wonderful, I recoil at my partners toothbrush that sits out for months without being sanitized now. I have become a toothbrush snob! The charges last forever as well, at least a week while away on vacation.
I absolutely LOVE this tooth brush. I've been using this tooth brush for about 6 years and love it as much today as I did 6 years ago. Prior to being a proud Sonicare owner, I used the Oral-B electric tooth brush. I went looking for a new brush for two reasons: one, the Oral-B brush heads always accumulated a gross slime inside of them, that really grossed me out. Who wants to put slime in their mouth when they are trying to CLEAN their teeth? Not I. The second reason I went looking for a new toothbrush, is that I really wanted a UV sanitizer for the toothbrush heads. Again, going back to not wanting to put something gross and loaded with germs in my mouth with the intention of cleaning. I solved both of these issues with this Sonicare, and much more! One more thing I have to mention, ever since I began using this brush, my dentist tells me at every cleaning that I am plaque and tarter free! I really believe that I have this tooth brush to thank for that. =)
Love this set. I switched up the brush head to the diamond version, which is a little bigger and has a little more coverage.

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