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Petmate Fresh Flow Replacement Charcoal Filter

Petmate Fresh Flow Replacement Charcoal Filter


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4 / 5
As a pet owner, this is the best. My cats don't love it as much as my dogs though. I highly recommend it.
5 / 5
I have multiple pets and this has been one of the best things since sliced bread for me! I have a large dog and 2 small dogs so you can only imagine how much water my dogs go through, It is the only product that keeps the water fresh enough for the dogs to drink, and I love the sound it makes. It also makes me happy to know that they are getting fresh clean water every time they drinkk.
5 / 5
My dogs loved this! Just make sure to always wash it at least once a week though. It can get pretty dirty.


15 Questions
I have been wanting to buy a fountain for our cats. I'm a little worried about mold and mildew. What is the upkeep on these? Has anyone had an issue with keeping it clean?
How well does this work?
Will this grow mold and mildew?
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