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Petmate Fresh Flow Pet Fountain uploaded by Laura G.Petmate Fresh Flow Pet Fountain uploaded by Laura G.Petmate Fresh Flow Pet Fountain uploaded by Mark L.
Petmate Fresh Flow Pet Fountain

Petmate Fresh Flow Pet Fountain


4.0 out of 5 stars
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3.99 / 5 based on 273 Reviews

Product Description

For use with all Fresh Flow Fountains Charcoal Filter Keeps Water Fresher and Cleaner Questions? 1-877-PETMATE see more...

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Petmate Fresh Flow Pet Fountain
Petmate Fresh Flow Pet Fountain
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  • "Hes not the brightest bulb so he really cant get a drink without sticking his head in the running water but he enjoys it so I put up with his splashes." in 27 reviews
  • "He will always go and drink water without any problems and I do not have to worry about changing his water bowl every couple of hours. " in 22 reviews
  • "My cat loves this, and we do too, because now she doesn't hang out in the sink all the time waiting for us to turn on the faucet for her." in 17 reviews
  • "The dogs seemed to love the product and the forever flowing water from the fountain part, but it is such a PAIN to clean." in 11 reviews
  • "My cat love this I found she is drinking more water with is very good to keep her healthy Great product to buy if your cat isn't drinking enough water and is looking unhealthy this can very help make your cat much happier and healthier " in 7 reviews
Hayley A.
Richmond, VA
118 reviews
I purchased this Cat Genie 120 in October of 2010, and after the fairly simple installation of hooking the splitter to the Laundry Cold Water supply and the drain hook to the Laundry Drain, it has been working near flawlessly for 2 years. I have had to on ONE occasion take the entire thing apart due to a clog. I will admit that it is quite gross if you have to do this, however not as bad as I was expecting based on other reviews elsewhere. Once I cleaned the entire unit, put it back together all was well again.

Yes, if your cat's poo is not firm, it can get broken into smaller pieces that get missed by the scoop, and when heat dried, can stink up the place, but that is fairly rare if you feed your cats quality dry food. Both of my cats are older (10 and 11 years old) and they both took to it well. The 11 year old is more finicky, so if it isn't clean enough for him, he will just poop on the rubber mat sitting next to it, which I then either scoop into the cat genie, or flush it if it is too hard to be processed (if it sat over night or two before I noticed it). I put my setting on automatic, and it cleans about 4 times per day for 30 minutes each cycle. The cats don't seem to mind waiting and my finicky cat actually likes to wait until just after the cycle is complete, so he can poop in a comfy bed of toasty litter granules.

I have never called customer service, so I cannot attest to their quality, but the instructions have most everything you would need in them, if you can read, you should have no issues. The one thing I must say that has made everything work flawlessly and keep it running smoothly is the maintenance cartridge, I use it every other month and it cleans very well!! After my initial issue taking the thing apart, I used the cartridge religiously every 8 weeks and no issues since! The only maintenance needed otherwise is occasionally is cleaning the water sensor, which I do when I do the maintenance cartridge. It is very simple to lift the motor up, pull out the sensor and put in the clean one. (They provide a spare, so I rotate them to allow me to do a simple lift and change motion. Then I clean (rinse) the dirty one and have it ready for the next time.

As far as supplies, if you use the cartridge for automatic use, you get about 240 washes, which for me-equates to about two months for a $22 cartridge, then another $25 every 8 months for the maintenance cartridge. The granules do get tracks out and are a nuisance, but I found that with all litter, as nothing can stop litter from getting stuck in kitty feet. But I use a $20 box of litter about every 3 months. So if you do the math... That is roughly $21 a month to run (not including water and electricity, which is negligible).

$21 a month total (for two cats!)!! I will gladly pay $21 to not have to deal with kitty poo more than once per year- and if you like to travel, its a life saver without needing a kitty-sitter! I have a 1-gallon water bottle/bowl and same for food, so I can leave for 2 weeks without worry! But I know they miss the attention, so I usually leave a few dollars on my AppleTV iTunes account and tell my friends they can have a movie on me if they go to my house and watch it with the kitties!!
Allegra R.
52 reviews
I owned one of these for my cats for about 3 years before moving on to another brand. My cats both loved the fresh, moving water and it satisfied their needs very well. The problems arose on a more technical level... Living in a hot climate, the motor burned out very quickly, and I had to replace it (buying a separate motor or a whole new bowl set) at least once a year, sometimes twice. I often had problems with the strip-style filters not properly filtering and allowing pieces of food or other grime to move through the back of the bowl and sit at the bottom. The refill reservoir rarely topped off the water even when it was well past needing more. The cheap plastic didn't stand up to the hard water here and would build up rings of limescale extremely quickly and couldn't stand up to the cleaning necessary to remove them. If you live in a state with soft water or have a water softener that won't be a problem for you, but in hard water states it's something to consider!
Megan C.
Hillsboro, OR
15 reviews
I purchased one of these because my cat will ONLY drink streaming/recently poured water. It was tolerable at first but then I caught him head first in a recently flushed toilet (EEK!) and realized something had to change.

Enter the Fresh Flow Pet Fountain.

He loves it.

The water is always flowing and doesn't have a chance to sit stagnant. I wash about one every 7-10 days and it only takes about 10 minutes each time. I find I can get the job done well with a children's toothbrush and/or a Q-Tip.

The only downsides to this are:

1) That you have to plug it in. This means it needs to be somewhere easily accessible to a wall outlet. For us, this meant we had to relocate the eating/drinking area.

2) Replacement filters - an added long term cost and it can be a hassle finding a place that carries them. Best place for price and availability has been Amazon, though you would need to be proactive about ordering them prior to actually *needing* them since shipping can take awhile.

Overall I would recommend. I would rather relocate the water dish and pay a little extra then reach down and pat my cat's "potty head".
Megan H.
144 reviews
My cats will not use ANY pet fountain except for this one. I think the other ones splash too much. One of my three cats uses it the most, the other two just use it because it's there, but I don't think they 'love' it.The only bad things about this fountain, are one - the resevoir is tiny, so you have to refill it a lot and if the levels get too low it makes a horrible noise! two - the thing gets dirty. It gets slimy and gross even if you clean it weekly, it is also a hassle to clean because there are so many parts to it. and three - my cats were very hesitant to use it at first. I recommend this product IF you have time to properly clean it at least once a week, fill the resevoir regularly and are willing to help your cats adapt to it. The other fountains I have tried my cats would rather go thirsty than use, so that could be the case for your cat with this fountain.
Jami M.
Loretto, KY
470 reviews
Pet Lover Expert Level 2
I have multiple pets and this has been one of the best things since sliced bread for me! I have a large dog and 2 small dogs so you can only imagine how much water my dogs go through, It is the only product that keeps the water
fresh enough for the dogs to drink, and I love the sound it makes. It also makes me happy to know that they are getting fresh clean water every time they drinkk.
Madison O.
1 review
Two of my male cats have had trouble with UTIs and the other male cat would only ever drink out of bath tub faucet. Lets just say they LOVED this fountain.

All three would hang out at it, drinking like crazy, and even playing in it. The UTIs stopped and so did all the cat hair clogging our bath tub from the one cat.

Although they loved it, I felt like it could be improved. My biggest complaint: it was a pain in the butt to clean. Too many nooks and crannies on the inside to really get it completely clean on a regular basis.

Also: The on/off dial was really sensitive and sometimes would just turn off if it got bumped. It took a while for the water to flow through the pump when you first plugged it in. It makes an annoying sound when the water starts getting low. And the filters were hard to find in the stores.

Overall a fountain is a great idea for a cat as they tend to not drink a lot of water, but I don't know if I'd go with this same model if I had to purchase another one. In fact, when we moved a year ago I never got around to setting it up and still haven't. I've been on the lookout for a different one that would be easier to clean as that was my biggest complaint about this one.
Tonia C.
Battle Creek, MI
1 review
I had 5 cats and got tired of filling water dish all the time so my mom got the
Petmate Fresh Flow Pet Fountain
my cat's loved it one of my cat's would only drink out of the Fountain it keeps the water cold, clean and filters the water the bad thing is you need to clean it every few days the filter gets clogged up if the cat food is to close and food gets in it or if your cats are like mine and put food in the water also it is a bit of chore to get it clean make sure to clean the pump it gets clogged up with cat hair and food take it apart and use a Q Tip to clean it they come apart like a fish filter but it is worth it because the cats get clean, fresh, cold, filtered water all the time just make sure to check it so it don't run dry I also had a hard time finding the filters I guess they were sold out most of the time
Hannah H.
Oviedo, FL
6 reviews
I have 3 male cats, one of which is 6 months old. They love running water from the sink so I purchased this for them to enjoy.

My cats love drinking the water straight from the beginning of the flow. They all squeeze their heads in to get some water from the fountain! I enjoyed that this product keeps the water from becoming slimy. I had noticed with normal bowls of water, the bottom of the bowl would become slimy from their saliva. This prevents that.

What I did not like about this product was how hard it was to clean. Food particles and fur would get in the little crevices and were hard to get to with a normal kitchen sponge. I recommend using a pot scrubbing brush.

This product lasted me about 6 months until my cats became curious. They pawed at the top where the water flowed out and removed the lid that covered the filter. The filter became a chew toy and was shredded all over my kitchen when I woke up! If your cats are as naughty as mine, I would recommend taping the top down with a little bit of painters tape to avoid this.

Overall, this is a good product and my cats enjoy it.
Jennifer C.
379 reviews
My cat has a bladder problem and this was a great and easy solution to him drinking more water. it encouraged him to drink / play with the water more. it did create a bit of a mess but i was happy. the sound of the motor is a bit loud. The maintenance on this thing is a bit of a hassle and i found myself needing to clean this out about every other day. Filters are a bit pricey (almost as much as the machine itself). The clean up is a bit complicated as you have to take the thing apart and rinse everything out. but it helped a lot with my cat's bladder issues and I'd recommend it.
Danielle K.
Flushing, NY
64 reviews
Bought this on eBay for a great deal, $20. my cat frequently likely to drink running water from the sink or from my shower after I've showered, it seemed that he was making a point that he wanted "fresh water" so I bought it. While I know my cat loves that this water is constantly running and filtering (much less kitty paws in the water to make it circulate) I have to say that the dish is just not deep enough and I find that I have to refill it frequently, which kind of defeats the purpose of having a filtration system; if I have to refill it every day, I may as well just give him a fresh new dish of water every day. That said, I do prefer knowing that my cat is always getting fresh filtered water, and I think it's "purr-haps" encouraged him to drink more as well. Much less drinking the water from my shower floor!
Shae J.
Gresham, OR
31 reviews
Does this clean easy
Amanda C.
Estero, FL
112 reviews
Has anyone tried this?
Samantha G.
Cincinnati, OH
50 reviews
Is it worth the money? whats the difference between this and a regular dog bowl?
emi s.
8 reviews
So is this just like a water filter for animals?
Tiffany F.
45 reviews
Does this run on AC power or battery? I ask because I do not find water and AC power to be a good mix especially when I have a crazy cat that likes to knock things over.

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