Has anyone tried this? Would it work for temporarily tightening skin from weight loss?
Edmonton, AB - il y a 2 ans

2 answers

It does work very well, but using the perfect amount is a must. It WILL leave a white residue wherever it's applied, but the residue wipes off easily. It works better under powder foundation than liquid or cream. I sometimes mix a tiny amount of the serum with my liquid foundation, which seems to work best for me. If you're lucky enough to not need any foundation...it would be perfect for you. Hope this helps! :)
il y a 4 mois
Definitely does work you just have to find the right balance of product amount ! If you use a lot it kind of gives a more lifting mask affect they takeoff with damp water not washing it off highly recommend facial massages for tightening the skin after weight loss
il y a 5 mois