Does anyone have any useful tips on how to use this? I’ve tried using a q-tip with water to soften the white residue left over. I just can’t figure out the right process. Thanks!Peter Thomas Roth Instant FirmX Temporary Face Tightener - Travel Size
Fredericksbrg, VA - il y a 3 ans

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I use my pinkies and use only half a pea size. At first I was putting on too close to eyes, now I do only half moon size where the sag is and it works great. Now you must remain expressionless for at least 3 minutes.
il y a 2 ans
You have to apply about 1/2 a pea size between your two middle fingers and smear up and out with moderate firmness. That way there will be no residue. Wrinkles are gone within a few short minutes. Remember to keep face straight. I have the eye serum and the face one as well and imo, the face one seems to work better. I have not tried either product with cosmetics over the top just yet, but have heard rumor that silicone based products will negate the effectiveness, so mineral powders perhaps? Only use this product on age wrinkles, not deep set wrinkles or laughter lines. It softened my 11's but because I frown a lot, it didn't remove them completely. Also you have to be aware that applying it to every line in your face will give you a sheer enough look as to make you nearly plastic. Use it to soften your age, not mask it. I did notice when I applied to my eyelids that I had pulling. Now maybe that was because I was still doing the firm up and out strokes when I probably should have just been spot dabbing a pin prick amount and closing eyes to make it set. Truly fantastical product!
il y a 2 ans