Since the beginning of the Dr. Collins brand, the Perio toothbrush has been the best selling and highest reviewed product. With its patented tapered polyester bristles, the perio toothbrush provides an unrivalled supersoft brushing experience. Now, the Dr. Collins line is proud to introduce the newest evolution in brushing, The Perio Extreme! Compared to the original Perio toothbrush, the Perio Extreme has 25% thinner bristles as well as a 25% increase in the total amount of bristles. The higher concentration of ultra-thin bristles means the Perio Extreme is softer and even more gentle than the original Perio toothbrush. This maybe the softest toothbrush on the market! The Perio Extreme toothbrush can reach deeper between the teeth and into grooves other toothbrushes cannot reach which may help keep tooth surfaces cleaner. It's ultra-thin, and super soft bristles minimize gum sensitivity and irritation, as well as prevent damaging brushing habits by displacing the bristles when too much pressure is applied. This can be helpful after dental procedures and oral surgery. The new Dr. Collins Perio Extreme may provide the most comfortable brushing experience you've ever had!

Ultra-soft and ultra slim tapered polyester toothbrush bristles save tooth enamel from abrasion; the bristle diameter is about 25% thinner than the original Perio; The amount of bristles is more than 25% greater compared to the original Perio; Polyester bristles are less porous than nylon minimizing bacterial growth; Great for over-brushers and those with sensitive teeth, gum recession, braces and after gum therapy


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