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It might be too light on calories depending on your caloric needs per meal (~300-320 calories), plus it might not be filling/satisfying enough to hold you over in place of a meal. But aside from those two important points, it does include whole plant ingredients, fiber, and plant protein which makes it a better choice than [email protected] more artificial options that have artificial sweeteners, fiber fillers, and lactose protein sources which sometimes give me gas 💨😅. I do love the Perfect Bar because I feel totally positive about the plant based ingredients, and no gas! 😂
il y a 6 mois
This depends on how many meals you are replacing and what you are trying to achieve physically. I would say that if you are eating this for one meal then the answer is "yes". Eating one bar will help you stay satisfied and full until your next big meal. The bars are packed with about 17 and + grams protein per bar which is a great alternative to a traditional meal.
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