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Works slowly, it helped my sun spots fade (not get darker after laser) skinks into the skin easily. Love that it has a good combination of ingredients and is totally affordable. I have enjoyed the products I have used from indeed labs. Really good quality at a drugstore price. 
3.00 / 5 star rating
3 / 5
This product is basically for uneven skin tone and helps to get rid of dark spots. Directions: you’re supposed to apply a pea-sized amount twice a day. You can also pair it up with sunscreen in the morning, which is what I did. Now telling ya guys why I got it, I have scars on my cheek and my face and neck are legit two tones darker than my body. My face really brightens up when I have it on. My skin looks glowing and it works even better with a sunscreen. But I noticed no difference on my scars. Well, I can’t really blame the product because my scars are pretty old. I was hoping for a massive improvement on skin clarity. That didn’t happen. The problem of uneven skintone is still there. So, final verdict, this product only worked 30-40% for me. I wish it had lightened some of my scars since I have used it regularly for a month. My face has lightened only slightly. [product:indeed-laboratories-pepta-bright-101-oz]
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2 / 5
• 💵 $24.99/22.99 CAD depending where you purchase for 30ml/1oz • *Edit: check “miscellaneous” story highlights for more thoughts on this product!* The brand describes this as a “cream-serum” to target dull skin and hyperpigmentation. Their website suggests using a dollop morning and night with the ability to see results in 2 weeks. I have been using this product around once every other day on average since I received it on March 29th, so I think this is a good amount of time considering I didn’t use it as frequently as they suggest. When I spoke with a representative of the brand, I said I was interested in it’s ability to target the reddish purple scars from past spots (post inflammatory erythema, PIE), and she said it could help with this issue. • This has a lightweight feeling that still provides a decent amount of moisture - more than I was expecting. When I use this I can get away with half as much moisturizer as I usually use. It is unfragranced, but has a natural smell almost like clay. It doesn’t pill and seems to absorb quickly. • I haven’t noticed dramatic results with this on my PIE, or any results at all really. When they initially crop up, they are quite red for a few days and then naturally fade to a brownish purple that stays for what feels like forever. With regular use of PeptaBright I haven’t noticed any difference in fading than when I don’t use any targeted treatment. The only thing I may have noticed is a slight evening in my complexion on areas that aren’t affected by acne scars. My PIE right now is just as dark as it has always been, and often this skin issue is much more stubborn than active acne for me. • Maybe I’d see results if I used up the whole tube, but I don’t want to have to use up an entire product in order to get results I want. Although my unaffected skin is slightly more even, it’s not drastic enough for me to want to repurchase this at the moment. Maybe one day when hormonal acne isn’t a problem for me anymore (🤞🏼) I’ll want to try this for evening my complexion, but until then I won’t purchase this when I run out. 🐚