63 Questions
Corey K.
Who else didn't like this?
Alyssa M.
Pepsi Fire is this supposed to be spicy? Lol and if you've tried it, is it any good? Lol
Johanna L.
Have you tried Pepsi Fire? What are your thoughts?? I love it!
Skylar S.
Did it burn your mouth too? YUCK!
Glorimary A.
Does this have some type of spice ??
Terri T.
What is this exactly? Spicy Pepsi???
Celeste K.
Does this just taste like big red chewing gum?
kimberly S.
Read some.horrible revirws on this, anyone have opinions?
Melissa T.
Had anyone tried this yet?!? I'm a Pepsi addict but not too sure about this?
Christen F.
When did this come out? I have not seen it buy me at all has anyone tried it?