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Peppermint Oil


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Now Foods is a brand that you don't go wrong with. It smells really nice. I like to use it for therapeutic reasons (rub in hands and inhale, good for when you're sick also helps when you have food cravings).
This product was really nice. I generally love the smell of peppermint anyways but the smell always stands out to me. It really helped with my hair growth journey.
This product is a life-saver!!! It works amazing with headaches and I get those really ugly tension headaches. Those are the one that throbs. Now, I love Essential oils and this is my favorite scent of all times. It really combats the horrible headaches and body aches.
Peppermint Oil ? Rosemary Oil I already have organic peppermint oil and rosemary oil. What other essential oils do you recommend for hair growth?
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Does this product help with calm your anxiety?
Is the product safe to put directly into skin? I like to put peppermint oil on my cloth face covers as a calming effect. Will the oil be harsh on the face/ skin?
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