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Pepperidge Farm

Pepperidge Farm® Frozen...
93 Reviews
Simply delicious! Its fantastic to share with friends or to eat with family. The flavor is amazing. Recommended 100%
I love every type but this my fav. I buy for many of occasions. So if I have bring anything I bring this. Once I share this everyone becomes addicted.
We love your cakes been buying those cakes for a very long long time ..this last time gave us heart burn really bad we throw it away the vanilla and chocolate
Great taste. Great for any occasion. You can serve it and many times. Price isn’t to bad for their whole cake.
My kids and I love this brand. They have a great variety of different flavors. This is their favorite cake.
If your pressed for time and have no idea what to have for dessert, buy any flavor pepperide farm cakes! So delicious and they have a flavor for anyone even the picky eaters. Definitely recommend to others
I love birthday cake and this is a great quick fix if you want the satisfaction without the commitment to a whole cake. Don’t feel guilty about this snack!
Pepperidge Farm’s confetti vanilla layer cake is my kid’s’ favorite. They can eat a [email protected] between the two of them.
This cake is so yummy! This vanilla one is my favorite. It’s so soft and delicious and the icing is creamy and yummy.
I particularly like ice cream cake and to me that’s what this reminds me of because of it being frozen. There are all different flavors, but this one is pretty good.