19 Questions
Maria R D.
How long does Pennsylvania Eggnog last if it has been refrigerated?
Kathy D.
Just trying to order some eggnog
Jennifer H.
Where can I buy Pennsylvania Dutch egg nog?
Angelica N.
Is it sweet or bitter? I personally like drinks that go down sweet
Mary J.
I have an unopened bottle of Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog that I bought last Nov. There is no expiration date on it. Is it still good?
Ursula L.
we're can I get it to buy thank you .
is there any way I can order this online?? xmas season is over and I can't find it any where.
I love the egg nog. How long can you keep the egg nog with alcohol.
Sarah K.
I've never tried egg nog... is it good?
Jamie L.
Should i drink it hot or cold