I know this is pretty pricey stuff but recently my hair has been quite oily will this help remove buildup ?
il y a 7 ans

3 answers

I would say so, yes! definitely makes your hair feel clean afterwards
il y a 5 ans
I use this in combo with matrix neutralizing shampoo another clarifying shampoo. I found this takes dry shampoo out better than others I've tried, I don't really style my hair with products so much. This makes my hair very clean feeling, great product.
il y a 6 ans
This is a great clarifying shampoo, do yes, it will remove build-up. However, using any clarifying shampoo too often can lead to more oily hair. Clarifying shampoos get rid of oils, so then often times the scalp goes into overdrive to produce more oil, if these kinds of shampoos are overused.
il y a 6 ans