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I have been wearing this brand, which started in my hometown, since day one. The quality and usability of every item is unparalleled. In addition the owner cares about the planet and this shows in the products and charities that are supported.
I absolutely love anything from this brand! I was a huge North Face fan (still am), but this brand is superior! Anything i buy is great quality and works beautifully. I live in frigid Wisco and all Patagonia sweaters and vests do a great job at keeping me warm and the designs are great! I will be buying more for sure!
I Placed on order online for my husband. I tried to cancel with about 2 hours of my order. They cant cancel my item its against there policy. So instead of stopping my order right away they will waste everyones time by packaging in putting it in a box and mailing it, only for me to return it but the catch it they charge me 5 dollars to print a return label. What a scam. Buyer beware. A good company would do what they could to make the customer happy. Ill never ever shop at this store again. O stars.
Patagonia is a staple in any outdoorsy persons wardrobe. The price point for some things is outrageous but I think some products are definitely worth splurging for because of the quality.
I loro capi sono di ottima qualità.Modelli bellissimi perfetti sia da uomo che da donna.Non ne ho in casa ma ki conosco molto bene.
Great quality I bought a fleece sweater and it’s super warm. It’s pretty price but The quality is worth investing and I also like story behind the brand.
A great company that is eco friendly and for the great outdoors. Been in business for over 47 years now! Such great product I highly recommend
I just adore patagonia! I have so many items from here. Hoodies, T shirts, Waterbottles, Jackets, You name it! Patagonia is one of my favorite brands on planet earth. It has always been a go to shopping place for me and my friends. I would highly recommend
My son really loves Patagonia, he loves name brands. I really like it because it is quality, it holds up to how ever rough he is on it. He has several T-shirt’s & hats. This particular T-shirt he has on in this pic is over a year old, it still looks new. Some of the items are a little more pricey, but worth it with the quality they have. The clothes never shrink or look worn or wore out no many how many times they’ve been washed/dried.
One of the best outdoor brands! I shop Patagonia for myself as well as my children! Quality clothes for the outdoors! From jackets to tee's we the overall material to the customer service earns 5 stars in my book! I will be a Patagonia customer for life!