Iss this worth the money? Lots of fallout? Good saturation of color?
Hartselle, AL - il y a un an

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Absolutely!!! Hardly any fall out and color saturation, mattes and shimmers are blendable. All of her eyeshadow textures are blendable, even the astral shades. I love all of her palettes. I have all of the mothership palettes except subversive and I plan on getting it when she has another sale. Pat McGrath’s makeup is in a league of its own in my opinion. She makes some of the best makeup I’ve ever used. And I’ve used ALOT! Lol! Watch YouTube videos and read many reviews before you make a decision to buy because it is a huge investment. But in my opinion it’s well worth the money.
il y a 8 mois
I don't think it's worth the money I have written a very long-winded version of this answer yet every time I try to post it it deletes so long story short no I do not recommend buying any Pat McGrath pallets because there are so many companies that are creating equal or better Shadows for much much less. Try Kaleidoes Makeup, the new BH Cosmetics Sweet Shoppe Collection, Devinah Cosmetics, so many options for a better price AND you can choose all the exact shades you want. And not get stuck with any ransoms you won't use.
il y a 9 mois