Is this palette worth the price?
Crozet , VA - il y a 2 ans

2 answers

This is a major luxury purchase. If you are only using for yourself, you will love it, but it is so huge that you will never use all of it. By the time you use even a quarter of it, you will probably tire of it. I used mine for about 6 months and now barely pull it out. $130– it’s just a lot of money. As I stated in my full review- I love the Mothership palettes but after I bought the first three, I stopped buying because I couldn’t justify the price with how much I use them. That being said this palette with the peach, rose, green and gold - is my favorite of the 3 I own.
il y a un an
Honestly, it is like the colors blend themselves. Very little work to blend them. I don’t own it, but I’ve used a friends and if I had the extra money I’d buy it
il y a 2 ans