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Parissa Wax Strips Legs And Body - 16 Strips Parissa Wax Strips Legs And Body - 16 Strips

Parissa Wax Strips Legs And Body - 16 Strips Parissa Wax Strips Legs And Body - 16 Strips


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I have never tried this brand before but I love a mess free way to wax in the comfort of my own home. The creamy beeswax 🐝 is already applied to the strips for easy convenience so all you have to do is warm the wax strips between your hands, apply and zip it away. I found the size of the strips very manageable and they stick to the skin well. The little bottle of ultra soothe oil (included in the box) dies a good job removing any sticky residue left behind and it also helps to soothe the skin. I was surprised they didn't hurt as bad as I was expecting and the results lasted up to 4 weeks with hair growth slower and thinner in some areas.
Only brand that I use. Pretty minimal pain, and I have a really low pain tolerance. Easy to use, just remember which direction to put it on, I'd recommend keeping the pamphlet that comes with it. Most inexpensive hair removal option since it lasts longer and is less time intensive than shaving
These are good wax strips for legs and bikini. They are convenient and easy to use. These strips work best when the hair on your legs is quite long. Unfortunately, that means that you have to grow the hair out for weeks, which means that between wax treatments, your legs are not groomed. I also find that you have to go over the same areas repeatedly to remove all of the hair. These strips are affordable, but I have to use A LOT to get my legs perfectly waxed. One perk of these strips is that you can travel with them. I find warming the strips makes them more effective. I heat them by blasting them with my blow dryer for approximately 20 seconds. My skin is very sensitive and these strips do not irritate it. The oil included in the kit is an excellent treatment. It removes remaining wax, soothes the skin and prevents ingrown hairs. Overall, these strips are easy to use, convenient, and affordable. I only use these strips before specific events, like beach vacations. Because you have to grow the hair out between treatments, I don’t use these as my regular hair removal method.
Does this cause irritation to sensitive skin?
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