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Parent's Choice Wide Neck Bottles, 0+ Months, 9 fl oz, 3 Pack

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4.67 / 5 star rating
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6 reviews


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4.00 / 5 star rating
4 / 5
Literally the only bottles my little one would take! I tried all brands and finally these worked for him! Not the fanciest or best quality. I did end up buying quite a few as they get worked out and leak.
5.00 / 5 star rating
5 / 5
Ive used these bottles with all 3 of my babies at different stages in their first year. I love them! Their easy to clean,get the job done. And i didnt have any problems with gas. They all 3 started out breastfed so the wide neck was helpful in that aspect. I just wish they were cuter. More designs, different colors. Something.
5.00 / 5 star rating
5 / 5
I didn’t have high expectations for these bottles, but my newborn (6 days old! 😭) has taken to these very well when we supplement! We are breastfeeding, but when he needs a little extra, I mix him up a bit of formula, and he doesn’t have any issue taking to this bottle and going back and forth. They are a good size, and I feel like you can use these for a bit as they are good sized bottles. I also love that they have a lid for the top! I’m a huge germaphobe so this gives me piece of mind.


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Pam M.
I bought a 3-pack of these to have some extras for days when my grandson is with me. His other bottles are Dr. Brown's and Advent.  He sucks the nipples flat in no time on these. I loosen the top which helps some, but we still have to stop and let air in the bottle so the nipple will reinflate. So what am I missing with all the great reviews?
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