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Parent's Choice Peach Yogurt Bites
Parent's Choice

Parent's Choice Peach Yogurt Bites


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They are good both me and my baby will snack on them lol. But if they have been opened for more than 3 days I reccomend not to use. They get kinda gummy and it doesn't dissolve as easy for your little ones. Can cause choking I experienced it giving my son one that was 4 days old it was zipped in the package. Super scary for me so please just make sure they are not like that when u give them to your baby who hasn't started any solids yet and don't know how to get them down.
I first discovered these when I was recovering from gastric bypass surgery. They're crispy, being freeze dried, with great flavor.
These little bites have been a favorite in my family for awhile. My youngest nephew wanted them constantly. Since they weren’t a bad snack his mother let me give them to him. After he grew out of that stage we shifted completely and we had gotten sugar gliders and those little treats are their favorites. They hear the bag shake and both of them are planted on the front of their house waiting to get a few. Either way human or animal give it the thumbs up. 👍🏼. Would definitely recommend to moms who want their kiddos to have an easy snack and is also easy to clean up. #ParentsChoice @ParentsChoice
Are these just as good as Gerber? My son has only experienced and tried Gerber products up until now. He loves organic brands and Gerber but I was wondering if these are just as good as they are some what cheaper.
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