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Do these run pretty true to size? My 3 year old is on the small side so should I do 2t-3T or 3T-4t?
Tengo un bebe de 2 años y kiero enseñar ir al vaño nada mejor que pañales entrenadores
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Mamas! Quick question: I have a son that just turned 19 months and we have just successfully started potty training and I want to know, for your toddler's, do you prefer Huggies Pull Ups or Pampers Easy Ups and why? I would also like to add that my son is in the 99th percentile for height and weight and just went from size 6 diapers to size 7s, and for the most part he's wearing 3T clothing. Based on your answer I would also like your opinion on what size we should try out first. Thank you! Pampers Easy Ups Boys' PJ Masks Training Underwear - Size 3T-4T - 116ct Huggies Pull Ups Learning Designs Boys' Training Pants - (Select Size)
Are these good training diapers?
How comparable in size are size 6 diapers and 2T pullups?
How absorbent are these compared to huggies pull ups?
I’m planning on starting to potty train my DS, obviously it’ll take some work so is this good at absorbing pee and poop(TMI, sorry) or not good for that?