What are the ingredients in these wipes?
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It's 99% water and 1% of the following cleanser and ph balancing ingredients: PEG-40 HYDROGENATED CASTOR OIL: A gentle emulsifier that aids in the removal of soil from baby's bottom. CITRIC ACID AND SODIUM CITRATE: Buffers the pH of the wipe to help maintain the natural pH balance of baby's skin. SODIUM BENZOATE: Prevents microbial contamination and has been tested and approved safe for babies. DISODIUM EDTA: Maintains the freshness of the wipe and prevents microbial contamination. SORBITAN CAPRYLATE A gentle emulsifier that enhances the preservative performance
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99% water and 0.1% fruit extract my son is very very allergic to other wipes with perfumes and things in them. These I found to be the best! Even water wipes have the same ingredients I just perfer these because they cannot he easily torn in the cloth such as other less quality brands! I hope this helps!
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Its 99%water
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