Palmini Pasta, 20 Calories, 4g of Carbs (14Oz) (Linguine)

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This is our go to for "pasta". It does have a different texture than traditional pasta. It is more crunchy. Sometimes we'll soak them first then cook. We've used the noodles, linguine and lasagna hearts of palm noodles. They are low calorie and low carb and a tasty alternative to traditional pasta. [product:khrm00374328-12-oz-hearts-of-palm-pouch-rice]
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I purchased the one in a bag at my local [product:aldi], i just made pasta for dinner tonight. The only think i would change is the length of the noodle for a good noodle pull lol i recommend this to anyone who is on any diet/lifestyle change/ health issues such as diabetes/ keto/ or carb free! Its 20 calories per serving and only 4 grams of carbs. Quick Hint: i would boil mine for about 10 minutes until tender. [product:palmini-pasta-20-calories-4g-of-carbs-14oz-linguine] [product:aldi]
4.00 / 5 star rating
4 / 5
I love this [product:palmini-pasta-20-calories-4g-of-carbs-14oz-linguine] as a substitute for pasta! Although I don’t mind it in a hot pasta dish, I love it as noodles in a pasta salad or a cold beef noodle bowl. It doesn’t taste much like pasta, but gives me that chewy, slurpy pasta feel so it leaves me very satisfied without all the carbs in traditional pasta. Great alternative if you’re eating low carb or just want to add more veggies into your diet!


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Katelyn L.
Can anyone describe the texture to me? Taste? Mushy, soft, slimy? I am on a new diet and this was recommended but I am really hesitant to try.
Hannah S.
What supermarket carries this product?
Elizabeth S.
How do you prepare this like pasta? Any recipe ideas for keto?
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