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Palmer's Natural Bronze Gradual Tanner

Palmer's Natural Bronze Gradual Tanner


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I had never used self tan up until using this. But this is fantastic for beginners like myself. Easy application, I used a tanning glove rather than my hands. But not once gone streaky. I absolutely love it. My favourite product.
I have used this for a few year and by far the best gradual tan out there. I used to use the Dove gradual tan but felt it took a lot more applications before seeing a build up of a tan. When using the palmers, you can see a difference after just two times of using it. It has a really nice smell, not the normal fake tan smell you would get and leaves my skin feeling really soft.
I love all Palmer's moisturisers but this one is my favourite! The gradual tan in it is really natural looking not like some others that leave you streaky and orange. It smells really lovely too and doesn't have that "cakey" smell. Absorbs quickly and doesn't leave a residue so you don't have to wait ages to get dressed after applying. This is my go-to product all year round.
Has anybody used Palmers Natural Bronzer Body Lotion? I can’t tan , but I need some color! Thinking of trying this……..Palmer's Natural Bronze Gradual Tanner *Help!*
I Found [email protected] streaky when applied can anyone advise on best way to apply to avoid this please please?
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