I've had stretch marks for years. On my thighs and butt. Has anyone used this to fade stretch marks? If so, was it effective? How long did it take to start working? Should I use it once or twice a day?
Rock Hill, SC - il y a 5 ans

2 answers

Yes, I had stretch marks between my thighs and on my hips. While they won't disappear completely, I can attest to the fact that this product will fade them and blend your skin tone with the surrounding skin. I am no longer ashamed to walk out in a bathing suit! I suggest using every day after taking a shower/bath.
il y a 5 ans
My youngest daughter uses this regularly, she has two children and had very large and dark purple stretch marks on her stomach, worst I've ever seen. It's taken a long time but they look incredibly better than they did and much lighter in color, suggest twice daily, I've also used Palmers products for years and they are very good for your skin
il y a 5 ans