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Pacifica Beauty Hemp Blur Pore Balancing Primer

Pacifica Beauty Hemp Blur Pore Balancing Primer


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I am actually surprised by all the good reviews of this product. I have many pacifia items in my use and love many of them, however I have really given this primer a good run several times with and without makeup, as well as many different types of foundation over top and it just doesn't cut it. It begins to pill up and rub off even before it's completely dry. It starts to really do this after you start applying makeup no matter how gentle you are or how you apply. I usually love this brand but this just doesn't do it for me. Just trying to be honest as possible.
I love this primer! Ever since having my children I have suffered with enlarged pores/ hyperpigmentation on skin. Pacifica hemp blur pore balancing primer is everything the name says! As you can see in video my pores are instantly gone after applying absorbs into skin quickly without leaving any thick or sticky residue. Vegan & Cruelty free! My sensitive skin has had no issues at all! I have been on a CBD beauty kick and have learned so much and all the wonderful benefits of CBD with skincare!
Primer is alright, not the same effect as Milk’s blur stick, my foundation blends well on top but I don’t notice a long term effect, my foundation wipes off after a few hours. Not a poor product but could last longer! I’d use again in a pinch!
Has anybody tried this out yet? Would like to know how well it works. The ingredients are very interesting!
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