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Oxo Gg Water Bottle Cleaning...
12 Reviews
I love these convenient little brushes. They're great for cleaning hard-to-reach spots and small nooks in water bottles and other drinkware.
Bravo, OXO, bravo!!!! This set has made me into a healthier, more eco-friendly individual! I now re-use my refillable water bottles since there is finally a way to clean all of the little parts effectively! This set comes with the normal long bottle brush with hard and soft bristles, an extra skinny brush to clean the inside of your straws and a small brush that fits inside the lids! Then to top it off they all hook together on a little plastic ring so that you don't lose them! Genius!!
The best bottle cleaning ever. Not only for water bottles but every type of bottle out there'. Great quality.
Seriously on of my favorite kitchen items. I prefer water bottles with straws but I was constantly having to replace them because they get funky inside.
OXO Good Grips water bottle cleaning set is a must have for those who love to use reusable water bottles! This brand is somewhat expensive, but has proven to be worth the price. It is easy to use and helps keep plastic bottles clean and clean better than traditional methods.
Good grips gear is always reliable and this brush is no exception. It's easy to clean and helps keeps my bottles clean.
This is perfect to clean out water bottles where a normal sponge can't fit. This should be advertised more often because it is a common issue people run into.
This is an awesome product! I always have trouble cleaning bottles and this does the trick
I need one like that for my dogs water container that I can't clean good ...
Love this! I always seem to forget to clean my water bottles, leaving them smelly and gross. This gets in all the little hard to reach areas. Genius invention!