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OUAI Shampoo for Fine Hair

OUAI Shampoo for Fine Hair


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This shampoo is really great for fine, flat hair. I have short hair, fine but thick and this really helps give it body and shine. The smell is really nice too if you're not sensitive to fragrance
I have thin and fine hair but a lot of it. I had been losing hair lately and was looking for a shampoo that cleaned my hair well, gave it volume, and prevented further hair loss. After much research, I came across Ouai shampoo for fine hair and gave it a try. I loved it! My hair felt lightweight with bounce and volume and way less hair fall than I would normally see with the drugstore shampoo I was using. I did notice a bit of scalp itchiness after and it could be because I have a sensitive scalp. This seems to have been getting better as I've been washing my hair thrice a week, so perhaps the duration matters. I will definitely not be returning to any drug store shampoos, that's for sure. I would 100% recommend this shampoo for anyone with thin and fine hair! Great shampoo!
This shampoo changed my hair after one use! It made my hair so hydrated and shiny! My favorite hair product EVER. Will never go back
What are some good shampoos and conditioners for thin / fine hair? I’m currently using Ouai and I like it, but always looking to try something new!
How does this work with oily scalp? #hair #beauty #wellness
I have heard ouai is similar to necessaire.Has someone tried both shampoos that can tell me which worked best or any differences?
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