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Absolutely love this top coat. It gives such great shine without being thick and gooey. It dries fast and really helps seal my polish for longer wear time. Highly recommend to give it a try on your next mani or pedi!
It’s my favorite topcoat (not that I have tried so many though). It’s super shiny and dries very quickly. I think it helps lengthen the duration of my nail polish and I got it at TJ Maxx for like $3.
I was really excited to try this top coat. I have quite a collection of them and am always looking to see what’s new. I was not overly impressed with this top coat. It looked flawless at first but the following day is when I started noticing trouble when the tips of my nails were already losing their color underneath and starting to show signs of wear. I know this is bound to happen but I take very god care of my nails and always wear gloves when washing dishes or using hot water for cleaning. Besides that, I thought it was a lovely polish that was super shiny. I also was unimpressed with how long my nails took to dry afterwards. It definitely wasn’t the quickest. I’m posting a picture of my nails one day after painting so you can see the wear.

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