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Orly Defense Top Coat Nail Polish

Orly Defense Top Coat Nail Polish


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i really like how strong my nails are after using this nail defense! the protein makes them look so healthy! i recommend it 100%
I LOVE this product. I was a nail biter for my entire life and even after I stopped, my nails were brittle and prone to chips and peeling. I use this regularly and have long, beautiful nails that very rarely chip or peel anymore. I'm actually about to run out and in need of a new bottle, it is a must have for me at this point.
I do have issues with my to nails like breakage that face after a week of pedicure. I found nail defense by Orly, I was septic and asking myself if this product will work, actually; it does.
does this really work? i need to strengthen my nails after having acrylics on and my nails are in terrible shape!!! really need some help
My nails on my right hand are constantly breaking if I do anything! Will this product help with the splitting down the middle of the nail and breaking? I also have peeling nails suggestions
Have just started using the Orly protein strengthening polish and was wondering how long will it take to see any results?
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