What is the best hairdryer for thin fine hair ?
Palm Harbor, FL - il y a 2 ans

4 answers

I love my T3 cura Luxe! It isn’t too harsh on the hair and leaves my blowouts shiny and healthy.
il y a 10 mois
Any Ion dryer.
il y a un an
I like my Harry Josh blow dryer
il y a un an
I'm not a "tool Expert". I did use the Oribe HP Moose yesterday before I attended a funeral a little more than an hour away from me. I put it pretty much all over but more at crown and next base. I dried my hair mainly upside down but also upward with a brush. After putting my hair on large rollers for about 5 minutes just to smooth and bend my hair looked so good and it lasted ALL DAY and still has great body this morning. I just used regular Conair hair dryer.
il y a 2 ans