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Oribe Flat Brush - Mixed Bristle

Oribe Flat Brush - Mixed Bristle


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está muy bien el cepillo, es de un tamaño adecuado para la mano y me deja el pelo suave, creo que no es un cepillo nada extraordinario, pero esta bien igual
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I just purchased this item today and I was not aware of the price. I still purchased it because the bristles look like what my hair needed in a brush. I also bought the Living Proof dry shampoo. I brushed my hair just to see as soon as I got home and I could tell the difference. Then I sprayed the dry shampoo and worked it in. Needless to say, I am keeping the expensive brush. My hair has new life after it looked blah all day. This is the brush to purchase. Of course, I read the reviews in my car after I purchased and there was chatter about the lettering peeling off. The plus is Drybar heard them and they charged the logo. I’m glad I came across this brush today. 

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