Does this leave a crusty texture?
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Not at all. I have VERY fine straight hair and this is one of my favorite Oribe products. It has cult status for a reason. Here is how I use it, my three day rotation is: Day 1: Wash and Condition with Oribe Gold Luster shampoo & conditioner. Apply Maximista Thickening Spray to roots, apply super shine conditioning cream to bottom strands of hair only - blow dry. *Apply dry texturizing spray if styling for a special occasion and want extra hold. Day 2: Apply Dry Texturizing Spray to roots (if not applied day 1, which is rare), brush through and apply a bit of blow dry to restyle. Day 3: Rinse hair with water and blow dry - no new product as my super fine hair doesn’t need any more and the rinse just helps remove some oils at the root and the residual product re-distributes on my shoulder length hair.
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Not at all and smells amazing.
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Not at all
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No it doesn’t and it smells amazing!
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