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Orb(tm) Sleep Complex
4 Reviews
5 / 5
This product is crazy! My body produces an over abundance of insulin daily which results in me staying awake till all hours. I had been trying to find sleep complexes that actually worked. In not finding any reliable, I was up to taking 30 mg of pure melatonin every single night. Just as it sounds, that is very very unhealthy for the body and can cause permanent damage to melatonin production. However, since I found this, I have been able to sleep soundly without ruining my body!
4 / 5
I do admit that I am a bit biased because I work grave yard shift and so my sleep isn’t the best. I sleep during the day with black out curtains, a sound machine, & humidifier. I have used Neuro Sleep for a while, but it’s so sweet that I have decided to look for other avenues to improve sleep and help with my insomnia. [product:orbtm-sleep-complex] has been helpful, but I have noticed that it has a bad after taste if you don’t drink enough water with it. I usually only use 1 capsule instead of the suggested use of 2 capsules and it does help. I don’t feel groggy when I wake up. Sometimes I don’t feel refreshed though but it may be the lack of hours of sleep I get when that happens!
5 / 5
I'm absolutely in love with this sleep complex. This is the first sleep supplement I've taken that doesn't leave me feeling groggy in the mornings. This is because it also has B12 which helps wake you up. I work out early in the mornings, then go through a full work day after drinking pre-workouts or a BANG energy drink packed with caffeine, I take 2 capsules roughly an hour or so before bed time, and I'm able to fall asleep so easily, and stay asleep. No more lying awake in bed until 2am trying to sleep, and waking up in the mornings feeling like a zombie! 
5 / 5
I love the extended release of these vitamins. I started with the multi and hai, skin and nails, sleep blend....within a week I ordered every single vitamin they make. I'm hooked. The packaging is pleasing. I don't have to take 6 bottles to meet my multi. My husband loves the men's blend. The sleep product is brilliant. It puts you to sleep and the time release gives you B vitamins to wake you up. Freaking genius !!