Oral-B PRO 3000 Electric Rechargeable Power Toothbrush Powered by Braun
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Oral-B PRO 3000 Electric Rechargeable Power Toothbrush Powered by Braun


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The Oral-B PRO 3000 provides a clinically proven superior clean vs. a regular manual toothbrush. The professionally inspired design of the Cross Action brush head surrounds each tooth with bristles angled at 16 degrees, and 3D cleaning action oscillates, rotates, and pulsates to break up and removes up to 97% of plaque from hard-to-reach places. The pressure sensor lights up if you brush too hard to prevent harmful over-brushing and there are 3 modes, plus an in-handle timer to help you brush for a dentist-recommended 2 minutes. Best of all it’s brought to you by Oral-B – the #1 brand used by dentists worldwide. see more...

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Oral-B PRO 3000 Electric Rechargeable Power Toothbrush Powered by Braun
Oral-B PRO 3000 Electric Rechargeable Power Toothbrush Powered by Braun
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Jess K.
Mineola, NY
665 reviews
Just got this for Christmas. I have always wanted one but never got the opportunity to buy. I love it! It’s a great first electric toothbrush. I originally wanted the top of the line one, but thinking about the extra time it would take me to open the app and connect it to Bluetooth, it would waste too much time and I am always in a rush in the mornings. Instead, this toothbrush vibrates every 30 seconds to remind you to change quadrants so you know you’ve brushed for 2 minutes. It’s great!
Alyee H.
93 reviews
I haven’t used an electric brush in years so they have come a long way with the fact of adding Bluetooth to the device. I have been using just manual tooth brushes for years and they seem to do the job moderately so hopefully this will be a step in the right direction to better and healthier oral care.

Packaging: The box and the design are great and appealing. You are able to understand what features are offered with the toothbrush. The box recyclable and I would recommend that everyone do so to help the environment. With how big the company Oral-B is and the price of the product I would expect the design and graphics to look top notch.
Upon opening the contents are securely held in a molded piece of Styrofoam. Other parts such as the charger were securely held together with cardboard. With this much packaging less likely anything will be destroyed while shipping.

Appearance: At first it looks like there are a lot of parts to this, but once it’s all assembled it really isn’t that much.
The stand arrives in two pieces. It’s easy to assemble and looks sleek and stylish with the white and grey colors for any bathroom countertop. I really like the fact that both the bottom of the tooth brush and top of the charger are completely covered in plastic that is easy to wipe clean. Whereas my past electronic tooth brushes there was plenty of nooks and crevices for stuff to build up.
The feel of the tooth brush was a lot chunkier and heavier than the manual tooth brushes that I use. Not to say it’s not ergonomic to fit your hand well just need to get used to the feel of it. The power switch is easily accessible for your thumb to turn on and off. Even though it’s easily accessible the pressure needed to turn on and off is a bit much. Plus you have to go through the modes until you turn it off.
I should note I am left handed and this feels comfortable in my hand. This is nice because it’s at least one product that is made for both left and right handers.
The brush head moves like a kit-cat clocks tail from left to right with the push of your fingers. The feel of the bristles are strong, durable and flexible as well. It’s easy to install the brush head and clicks securely onto the tooth brush. Takes tiny pressure and is just as easy to remove.
The charger easily clicks into the stand and looks good as one entire piece. The stand also holds extra brush heads under a little cover to keep everything clean for the most part while providing ventilation for the brush heads to dry out. If you don’t want to use the stand you can use the charging port alone.
I think the charging cord is a good length, I roughly measured 45 inches. For me my bathroom counter is small and so I keep most of the cord wrapped up. I ended storing the charging station/stand because I already have a place for the toothbrush. I do bring it out when I need to charge.
I really like the fact the brushes battery lasts for 7 days with 2 minutes twice a day that way if you get in a pattern like I have you only have to charge it Sunday night. It says it can take up to 22 hours to charge. The unit flashes green light to let you know it’s charging and turns off once it’s completely charged. If you are using the brush and the battery is low the red charger signal turns under the battery light.

Use: After using this for about a month I am beyond satisfied that I had the opportunity to use this toothbrush. The benefits are so much more worth the manual. The best part is being reminded by the signal to switch quadrants compared to before where I was just doing it haphazardly. I also like the signal letting me know I am apply too much pressure while brushing. That has been a definite eye opener.
As for the app it’s relevant for today’s electronics and I love seeing how I have been doing over the time. It tracks your sessions as long as your phones Bluetooth is on, connected and near your brush. You can also set as schedule focused on particular things like whitening your teeth, gum health and others and they call this your “Journey”. Once you have set this it becomes your personalized journey where you can select targeted problem areas. I think the app is a unique feature and helps you keep up on your oral health.
I have gotten used to the feel of the vibration and weight of the tooth brush. As monotonous brushing your teeth can be this brush makes it easier and more exciting.
The lights on the device are bright but don’t affect me. I like the fact that you can see what you are doing if you are in a dim lit bathroom.
I can noticeably see a difference in my gum health and the appearance of my teeth. Definitely feel like I accomplish more with this brush than the manual brush.

Price: A 100 dollar electronic tooth brush is a lot of money to spend compared to using manual tooth brushes. I think that is mainly the reason I avoided going to electronic because the cost of them. I think it would be easier for people to move to such a brush if the price wasn’t so high. I do think it’s a great quality and it does what’s intended.

Overall: I am very happy with the tooth brush and glad I have crossed over back to the electronic side of brushing teeth. The brush works great and is easy to clean, charge and work with. I think if I had to point out any flaw with the brush it it’s very loud. It almost sounds like a drill. Also the pressure in which you need to cycle through the modes and turn off it could be a lot easier.
Mine has yet to lose its charge or have battery issues. I will update accordingly. I would cation over charging the battery, over 22 hours I think would damage the battery and it’s longevity.

I received this item at a discounted price for my honest review. Every review I do is based 100% off of my experience with the product and I do not guarantee a positive review.
Hayley A.
Richmond, VA
118 reviews
Short summary - these work very well for cleaning teeth, but I recommend the Sensitive Clean heads that work as well and have a lower risk of gum damage. If you have no issues with gum loss and prefer a "medium" bristle, then these are an excellent choice.

I've been using an Oral-B electric toothbrush for several years. I've used the Pro White (one pack), Floss Action (one pack), Precision Clean (these), and Sensitive Clean (for years) brush heads. Because of earlier gum loss, I've been using the Sensitive Clean heads for the vast majority of the time. The Pro White and Floss Action were uncomfortable for me to use, as they felt too abrasive on my gums. The Sensitive Clean are by far the most gentle and don't cause any discomfort, and these Precision Clean heads are pretty comfortable with only an occasional amount of small discomfort on my gums.

I'd say that these are equivalent to a "medium" bristle in a manual brush, while the Sensitive Clean heads are a "soft" to "extra soft" bristle. Studies indicate, and (I just saw while writing this) Oral-B's own website states this, that firmer bristles do not clean teeth any better than soft bristles but that they can cause more cervical abrasion on the gums. It's not the type of bristle, but rather the type of brushing, that makes a brush effective. The beauty of the electric toothbrush is that it makes brushing properly far easier, so soft bristles can be very effective. Since I started using an Oral-B electric toothbrush with the Sensitive Clean heads, my dental hygienist spends most of the time just talking to me as there's not much for her to clean.

I give these four stars because they are a high-quality product like the other Oral-B brush heads, and because they are overall pretty comfortable to use. I do "like" them, but I don't "love" them because they aren't as comfortable to me as the Sensitive Clean heads.
Charu S.
Miamisburg, OH
111 reviews
I have received this Oral B Pro 3000 for free from Oral B in exchange of my honest opinion.

I have been using Oral B Pro 3000 for over a month now and have seen significant changes. Previously my gum used to bleed which stopped only after using this brush for 2 weeks!! Other than that my teeth feel cleaner and smooth. I feel overall health of my gums and teeths has improved allot :)

It has a timer which lights up the toothbrush after 2 mins. After using this I realized that I was brushing for less than 2 mins and pressing brush very hard on my teeth. It has a sensor which lights up if we are pressing too hard and it did light up for me several times when I started using this toothbrush. Also, this toothbrush vibrates and let us know how long we should be cleaning particular area which is very helpful.

It comes with a stand which is very useful. I can remove the brush head and store it in the stand so that it is not exposed to germs. Whenever we lift the brush from stand it connects to app via bluetooth and records our brushing data. I have been using that app and checking my data. Ita actually fun checking your brushing details :D

Only concern I have is bristles, they are not for sensitive teeth. My husband has sensitive teeth and he uses soft bristles toothbrush. This one comes with a medium bristles. But its working perfectly for me. This toothbrush does make brushing easier and I love it!!
Lisa W.
Columbia, TN
100 reviews
Review: I received the oral-b 3000 toothbrush for free in exchange for this honest review.

I was a little skeptical at first thinking “well this spin head is small, so it can’t work right”. Turns out, I have needed longer than I realized! The small brush head helps to keep the plaque and tarter from each individual tooth, ensuring each tooth receives a perfect scrub!

I also feared “well my gums are sensitive, so they’ll probably bleed”. Well, there is a little light indicator on the brush which will turn on if you begin brushing “too hard” so this really saves me the pain of checking and wondering where I did it. This is great for those with sensitive teeth!

The fact that this toothbrush was able to be plugged in to recharge means, no more batteries! I can take my toothbrush to camping sites even and plug them in in the restroom if I need too, but the battery lasts quite a while on this toothbrush after completely charged!

All in all, I give this product a 5/5, it’s new, so I had my doubts. But this product truly showed me, I was wrong! Thank you Oral-B
Jennifer G.
Elizabeth, NJ
204 reviews
I have never owned an electric toothbrush. I don't think I would have ever purchased one because they are so expensive. I received my Oral B Pro 3000 from Oral B for review. I have to say.. WOW! Is an understatement! My teeth have NEVER felt so clean! I love that it alerts you when it's time to move on to the next section of your mouth and it alerts you when the 2 minute dentist recommended time is up. It also flashes a red light if your brushing too hard and it has different settings if you want whitening or regular brushing. I haven't had a chance to try connecting the toothbrush to my phone (I have no space for a new app) I've only been using it for 2 weeks and my teeth are visibly whiter! I regret not buying one before but I'm glad I got to try it now. I will never go back to brushing with a manual toothbrush. I have already told all my friends and family about it. I would definitely recommend the Oral B Pro 3000 to anyone looking for an electric toothbrush.
Gracie H.
Woodacre, CA
38 reviews
Love this toothbrush because it tells you when you are brushing too hard, which i was doing before. I have some teeth where the gum line receded because of it. Now with this toothbrush, it lights up red if I apply to much pressure, and then I am able to lighten up.
Melina P.
Chicago, IL
40 reviews
I used it for two weeks and really improve my teeth!

I found it easy to handle and use. I like the “Quadrant Pacing” system that every 30 seconds, the toothbrush let you know that you should brush in a different area of your mouth. Also the toothbrush stops when you are brushing your teeth too hard. This model only has one speed, but is much faster than my old toothbrush. Every time that I finished brushing, my mouth had that clean feeling you get after your dentist cleans your teeth.

The recharger base is small, great for small bathroom, like mine! Also the battery lasts a long time and has a warning light that lets you know when your battery is starting to fade and you need to recharge.

This product offers you different brush heads to meet any oral care need, like sensitive teeth and gums, etc.

Other great quality of this toothbrush, is that is affordable and you can get it at your local store and Online!

CONCLUCION: This product passed all my expectations, so if you are looking for a new, cheap power toothbrush that makes an effective job, ORAL –B PROFESSIONAL PRECISION 1000 is the winner!
Dallas O.
Spokane Vly, WA
154 reviews
My mother bought this brush for me one year for Christmas and it really changed my brushing experience! After using it my mouth felt so much cleaner, now using a manual brush just doesn't cut it. If anyone is considering making the switch I say do it!
Emily H.
182 reviews
This was my first electric toothbrush I have ever had and I absolutely LOVE it! There is really no comparison between a regular toothbrush and an electric one. I have even had comments from my dentist about how nice my gums look (and I already had nice teeth before). The first time you use this brush you may have some bleeding from your gums but that goes away with a week. The only major down side to this brush is that the heads (refills) are quite pricey. I am currently looking around on the internet to see if I can find any good deals on heads, the lowest I have found was $19 for four, which I guess is pretty good if you change your head every 3 months, its just very expensive up front, but in my opinion well worth it!
Connie F.
Talladega, AL
100 reviews
How does the Oral B compare to other electric tooth brushs?
Connie F.
Talladega, AL
100 reviews
Do you like having electric toothpush?
Korinna K.
Bakersfield, CA
47 reviews
How often should you change the head of the toothbrush?
Tiffany M.
Akron, OH
126 reviews
Do you switch heads and share or is the Oral B all yours?
Jessica M.
Cedar Bluff, AL
136 reviews
Has anyone used this product? Is it worth the money? How many brushing attachments that come with it? What is the Bluetooth for?

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