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6 Reviews
3 / 5
This review is actually for the We Are Paradox Moisture Shampoo. This shampoo smells great and I believe it contains various essential oils. My issue is that I personally find the shampoo alone to be extremely drying.It does a fabulous job at cleansing the hair. It works well when paired with the coordinating conditioner. It is 90% plastic free, 98%natural, vegan, and cruelty free.
4 / 5
I really like this shampoo! I feel like it does a decent job getting my hair clean but I frequently feel the need to double wash for some suds, so if you like a lathery shampoo, this might not be for you. Even if I don’t wash twice, though, the minty menthol feeling does leave my scalp feeling nice and it definitely isn’t too harsh so it’s a good option for dry or damaged hair or curly girls
4 / 5
Overall it’s a good product. It didn’t leave my hair with any residue on it. I got it for a steal in my fabfitfun box (as an add on). I probably wouldn’t buy it for full price.
5 / 5
Online only purchase & as a set with the conditioner. From the first time I started putting it in my hair in the shower I thought to myself "holy crap this feels great." My hair is very fine but frizzy as it's growing out from a bad bleach & chop. I'd definitely like more product for the price but it's totally worth it as it is. Love the aluminum bottles as well!
5 / 5
Love! My hair is super curly and loves to frizz in an effort to return to its natural state when I’ve straightened it. First use of we are paradoxx and my hair is so happy, so soft, and frizz is the lowest I’ve ever had. Doesn’t make my sensitive scalp itch either.
5 / 5
My favourite shampoo by far! I love how natural all the ingredients and it makes me feel good knowing exactly what’s going onto my hair. It smells amazing too even though there’s no added fragrance. It washes my hair just as good if not better than any regular shampoo without all the nasty ingredients. The conditioner is super nice too, it leaves my hair so soft and smells just as good as the shampoo. It’s also cruelty free and I love what the brand stands for. [product:online-only-super-natural-shampoo] [product:online-only-secret-weapon-3-in-1-conditioner]