I attempted dying my hair blonde last night and it came out lighter at the roots and kinda orange. I kinda just want to remove all the color because I don't like it anyways. Will this stuff work. Also, is it hard to get an even tone. Will it turn my hair orange- its naturally really light brown
il y a 10 mois

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Hi, yes, it will remove the color, be sure and strand test. Then use a toner instead of a color, if you have brassy from bleach or anything remaining, then I would use wella charm toner t14. It will take the brassy out and the yellow 💛 another thing to do after using the toner is to mix 1 parts lemon juice to 3 parts conditioner and let it sit for at least 20 minutes or longer, it will brighten up the blonde toner color if you still have brassy or overtone. It will correct if you get over blonde. You have to work fast with the toner. 20 volume with t14 should do the trick. Look at some YouTube videos on it also! Great DIY information 😀 good luck with it! Another thing to keep your hair soft and shiny, get either Hask moi spray coconut oil or Palmers spray coconut oil or optix, all work great. I like the Hask the best, about 5 bucks at Walmart! This is the color mine turned out, I used t14 and t18.
il y a 6 mois