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One 'n Only Brazilian Tech Conditioning Treatment
One 'n Only

One 'n Only Brazilian Tech Conditioning Treatment


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Love this deep conditioner in the shower. Hydrates the hair ends without leaving greasy residue. Smells nice and works nicely into the hair shaft. Packaging is perfect squeezy tube. I have repurchased in the past and continue to repurchase whenever I go to Sally’s beauty as that’s where I find this product.
I have been using this product ever since I started bleaching my hair and it has never let me down. It is only about $8 so it is pretty affordable. I use this product as a leave in conditioner. I apply about a dime squeeze into my palm and rub it on my hands. Then I run my hands through my hair and try to get a little bit everywhere. If you put too much in one spot it will look a little greasy so you need to be a little careful. I then brush it out to even it out throughout my hair. I️ like to blow dry my hair after, I feel that it looks better then I do that. I love this product and I highly recommend it!
I'm inlove with this keratin one n only Brazilian tech lusterizer.. It is amazing!! It really works wonders for me! I literally need to always make sure I have this in threes at all times! If you're a person with super damaged hair, and you can see it when you straighten it out, you definitely need this! This literally makes your hair look healthy, and I love that it dries once on the hair, it's not oily at all, I'm a person who has really thin hair, so I hate oily products on my hair, but this is just the perfect hair product for people like me that needs something that can make your hair super silky & healthy without the oily greasy stuff! I definitely think you should try it out, I personally think you will love it!! [product:one-n-only-brazilian-tech-conditioning-treatment]

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