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Olly The Perfect Women's Multi

Olly The Perfect Women's Multi


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“One a day” multi vitamins are very often completely ineffective because they combine so many vitamins that ultimately they prevent each other from absorbing… so you’re just peeing them out. Some vitamins (like D and E) both need fat to be absorbed, and can reduce the amount of the other you absorb. Vitamin D inhibits calcium, calcium can inhibit other minerals like iron and zinc, Vitamin C inhibits B-12, and fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins should be taken in different ways with different food/liquids. TL;DR, do research about which supplements you really want and take them throughout the day instead of all at once. Please don’t waste your money ladies!

Product reviewed: Olly The Perfect Women's Multi - POUCH TEST

Радвам се, че най -после открих мултивитамини които не дразнят стомаха, удобни са за употреба по всяко време, съдържат достатъчно разнообразие от витамини а захарта е в минимални количества. Спокойна съм , че са грижливо подбрани специално за нуждите на nвсяка жена. Разбирам, че и цнветът им не е толкова пъстър и шарен, но това означава , че нямат изкуствени оцветители. Ще закупя и следваща опаковка Olly.

Product reviewed: Olly The Perfect Women's Multi - POUCH TEST

I like these multivitamins. They are neither too big in shape, neither too small and are perfect in size. I like these gummies as I have seen my hair regrow, so they definitely do work! Also, they taste great unlike other vitamin gummies I have tried before. So, I definitely recommend this product!

Product reviewed: Olly The Perfect Women's Multi - POUCH TEST

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