Olivio Vegetable Oil Spread Original

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Olivio original olive oil, vegetable spread is really good. I use this all the time while cooking and the texture is amazing. The taste is really really good taste just like actual butter without all the extra fat the ingredients are vegetable oil blend canola oil, palm, fruit, oil, olive oil, water, buttermilk, and contains less than 2% of salt, soy lecithin, natural and artificial flavors vitamin a Beta carotene vitamin D3 contains milk and soy bean get a good value for your money. The packaging is great and it’s easy to put inside of your refrigerator because it takes up very little Space
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1 / 5
Here we go again with the misleading advertising. While this is called "Olivio" and the package says "The goodness of olive oil" it's actually a vegetable oil based spread. You think you are paying more for better quality oil but if you carefully look on the list of ingredients you will see it's a "blend" and olive oil is listed last meaning there's the least Olive oil of all the oils blended. Not only that but I find this spread has a strange aftertaste. I will stick will my smart balance. It's less expensive and at least it doesn't try to pretend it's made of something it's not.