This moisturize women's over 50?
water st - il y a 2 mois

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I don’t find it very moisturizing! There are no anti-aging benefits to suggest it would be great for rejuvination
il y a 22 jours
For sure! It will help keep your skin super supple and soft! Would recommend even if you don’t have dry skin.
il y a un mois
oh yes! if you prefer something w no oily feeling , most definitely. this is perfect for whoever enjoys a little cool feeling on the skin, w/ normal to excessive oils on the skin or even if you lack oil and you use oils in part of your routine, you could layer this! oils first then the moisturizer!
il y a un mois
Sure anyone can use
il y a un mois
il y a un mois
Yes! It’s good for aging skin as it tightens pores. But even young women can use it :)
il y a 2 mois