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OGX Teatree Mint Extra Strength Shampoo

OGX Teatree Mint Extra Strength Shampoo


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I used to use this brand pretty exclusively. I liked the scents of the product and it seemed to cleanse my hair nicely. I liked it until I noticed that my hair was drastically thinner compared to the start of me using their products. I stopped immediately and within months my hairs started growing back and filling back in. I worked in the beauty industry at the time and had many friends that used their products and noticed the exact same issue with hair loss. It’s not worth it. Do not use these products. There’s so many better products out on the market in this price range.
5 / 5
this shampoo is one of the bests out there, every time i use it it leaves my hair shinny smelling good and also i noticed that my hair has grown with this
4 / 5
This is always a repurchased product. My scalp and hair feels clean after using this twice. I always make sure to really focus on my whole scalp and use a scrubber with this product to feel clean clean. Doesn’t leave my hair feeling stiff


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Has anyone experienced hair loss with this?
What’s your favorite salon quality shampoo and conditioner?
Is this something good for daily/every-other-day use?
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