Are there other products of this brand that work as well as this one?
Tampa, FL - il y a 6 ans

3 answers

yes my other favorites from ogx are kukui oil, coconut milk, shea soft and smooth, and brazilian keratin :)
il y a 5 ans
Yes, I've tried quite a few of the different lines, not all of them, but they all worked really well especially for the price and always smelled amazing! I've used this argan oil line, the kukui oil, Brazilian keratin, the other keratin one, heard rave reviews about the coconut milk line, just to name a few..
il y a 6 ans
Yes! There's one in a gold bottle that's really really good. As well as the coconut one that comes in the white bottle. I don't recommend the cherry blossom one though, that dried my hair out.
il y a 6 ans