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Oculus Quests All-in-One VR

Oculus Quests All-in-One VR


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5 / 5
My sister has an Oculus Quest and it was so much fun! It’s so real looking while you’re playing the game that’s it’s almost surreal. I feel like if you don’t like being in control then this might not be the best at first. But it’s a great game!
5 / 5
Firstly, I am not a gamer and before purchasing the Quest had never tried VR. I was originally interested in VR as an entertaining way to stay active and even workout, but I know that I will use this headset for so much more now that I have it. I had waited several months for the release of this product, because I wanted a wireless and easy to use device and I didn't have a gaming PC to run Rift etc. When I finally got it, I was concerned that, after all the hype and waiting, that I would be disappointed or underwhelmed. I am very pleased to report that was definitely not the case. I was blown away by the quality and immersive experience!
5 / 5
I love that you can be present with your family and friends that feels like your physically there but you aren’t. It’s such a cool experience since you can hang out, watch movies, play games etc.. The only thing is you have to play little by little because it can cause motion sickness and nausea.


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What’s your favorite game for this system ?
Is this worth it? I debating on getting one…..
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